Aug 17, 2007

Siem Reap, Cambodia Day 1

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Nikon D70s
Tallboyz is back! Here something to share about Tallboyz 7 days backpack at Siem Reap, Cambodia.

We took Air Asia as we had booked the tickets since February.

We enrolled our stay at Bou Savy Guest house that offer very cheap rate of stay. They offer 4USD per pax including breakfast. They also provide airport pick up and transfer. It’s a most recommended guest house if u guys interested to visit Siem Reap, Cambodia.

This is a welcome drink they given and we were guessing what’s on it. Actually it’s a mixed fruits of Pineapple and Banana but it tasted like Mango juice!

After checked-in, our stomached started to bellow. The guest’s house also provides transportation service in a fair rate. Hence we went for our 1st lunch. We reached to a Chinese cuisine restaurant “Wood House Restaurant”.

My early expectation of the foods might be weird and not tasty. But I’m wrong, the foods here is awesome and tasty.

After the wonderful lunch we went to Old Market and head to Tonle Sap. Tonle Sap was famous with the flooding village. Flooding village is a poverty village that lacked with a lot basic needs. The children, pregnant women have to work struggling for living. We have a tour by boat and costs are 10USD per person.

The photo above is a basketball court.

Theirs' house are designed for movable as the water level at Tonle Sap would change during raining season.

After the visit we went back to guest house and had our dinner nearby. The restaurant name is “Full On II” located same row with the center market. The foods there are damn good and tasty, yet the price is cheap as well. It’s a most recommended restaurant to try out their local foods. Hmmm…. I started to miss the foods there.

More photos will be uploaded soon. Stay tune!