Sep 18, 2008

Bangkok Here I Come!

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Apologise to all for being MIA for long.

Finally the days has come, I'll be visiting Thailand next week. Woots! Will be staying there for 5 days, relaxing, enjoying the foods and taking pleasure being a King. Hahaha!

This is my 1st visit to Bangkok and hope will take more photos.

This gonna be my next update.....

Stay tune!


Shiveeleaves said...

Happy Holiday Tallboyz,enjoy yer trip!

fuiyo,lucky is not my wedd,anyway,congrat to the newly wedd. :P

SilverIsle said...

Enjoy your trip yo! =D

And when I saw your next update, I thought you're the one getting married, until I scrolled down to the names below. Haha.

clive said...

shop till u drop!

Anonymous said...

Shiveeleaves - Thank you! =)

Silverisle - Hahah!

clive - How to shop without money? =P

EVo said...

Ya la. I had the same idea as silverisle lol. can't blame us la..2008 is a good year2get married ma!kekeke.

Anyway I'm back from india.finally can bloghop at will! =)

Anonymous said...

evo Welcome back! =)