Sep 9, 2008

Death Race | Money No Enough 2

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Watched another 2 movies last week. Hehe! Yeah i know, movie again? =P

Death race!

If u guys are a fans of video game, this might be an interesting movie. Feel like playing arcade game with a big screen but without console. Haha!

Rate of this movie 5/10. I'm not a big fans of video.

The 2nd movie was Money No Enough 2!

The last movie of Money No Enough was 10 years ago but as for the Money No Enough 2, it was directed by Jack Neo; an outstanding director that directed a few impressive movies like I'm Not Stupid 1 & 2 and the latest one Ah Long Ptd. Ltd.

I tell you, you must prepare some tissue for this movie. You might be crying out loud by watching this movie. My gf was the example. She cried like baby. Hahahah!

Ok! Ok! I admit some tear did swims around my eye but never drop k?

This movie is most about filial & important of family over by wealth.

Rate of this movie 9.5/10. This movie has reminded me of my family. Feel grief....... This is a must watch movie the year.


EVo said...

Eh fren.death race ok ma.

Show i give 7/10 la.

But the chick hor...the frankie's navigator..i give her 15/10 lor..

She turn me on more than megan fox la.hahahhaha..

Shiveeleaves said...

Money no enough 1 was very nice,didnt had a chance to watch 2 yet :(

Anonymous said...

Evo - Bloody violence ler. Yeah! no doubt the chick is awesome. Hahah!

Shiveeleaves - Fast go and book the ticket =P

Gideon Yoong said...

i benci money no enough cause jack neo always exploit old ppl to make sob stories out of it. haha.

Anonymous said...

Gideon Yoong - But he's good! =P

Jamie said...

this two movie.. great!

Anonymous said...

Jamie - I love Money No Enough 2. =)