Sep 2, 2008

Beauty & The Beast

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Saw this flowers bloomed after a heavy rain few days ago.

Early was thought a big white plastic bag hanging outside where my mum place all her's plants. When I walk closely only i realized it's a big white blooming flower from a cactus.

It shocked me to see this kind of flower that came of from a cactus. How often do you will see a cactus bloom such a big flower?

I measured, it's bigger than my palm. OMG!

Look abit like those man eating flower. Look so wild.

Last time when my mum take good care of it, it never bloom any flower until it was ditched aside.

FYI, this big bloomy flower only last for one day. Yeah! 24hours only, after that it will dried and die. What a despite, a tough plant that only can have 1 day of beauty.


ahlost said...

I heard Dragon Fruit's also like that. Can only survive for a day .. Sad huh? :(

Anonymous said...

ahlost - oh! now i know! said...

its called a night blooming cereus.

Anonymous said... - Oh! Now I know! Thanks! =)