Dec 2, 2008

Joon Wei & Pui Pui Wedding

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4 months back I had a wedding registration shooting for Joon Wei and Pui Pui. Last week I was honor to be appointed as photographer for their wedding and dinner.

It has been a while I didn’t cover any wedding shooting, might be a bit rusted.

Here some of my favourite shots.

I have embedded simple viewer in my blog. You can view more photos by clicking left/right/space bar. If the photos doesn't load and shown a cross sign please hit refresh/F5.

More photos with simple viewer.


Borneo Falcon said...

Very nice wedding photos. Very natural. Like it

Jayce said...

Nice shots. ^_^

just apple said...

love the first shot! no wonder you put it as primary one....

Shiveeleaves said...

i love your first pic where they put up the lipstick for the bride!

Anonymous said...

Borneo Falcon - Thank you. =)
Jayce - Thank you.
just apple - Hehehe. Paiseh!
Shiveeleaves - My favourite also =)

Agnes Sim said... nice le. U do freelance photographer ar?

Anonymous said...

Agnes Sim - Yeah! Sometime I do take wedding photographing.