Dec 31, 2008

2009 Header

Posted by Anonymous |

A final header change for the year end of 2008.

Here come 2009 and bye bye 2008!

Happy New Year everyone!


TINTIN said...

hehe...very interesting header for Welcoming 2009. Happy New Year bro !!~

Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...

Happy New Year~~~~ Josh :)

vincent said...

happy new year and your header looks quite nice :D

独侠令狐冲 said...

Nice Header!

Ning said...

new header *again* hahah =]
hpy new year!

Shiveeleaves said...

happy new year tallboyz!

Andrew said...

hahaha.... tallboyz!! damn cute!! hehehe.... thats ur 2009 header meh??? that's just january header i guess?? lol... coz u always change header wan... LOL =D unlike mine... hahahah

blessed new year to you again bro!! God bless

ahlost said...


I super like your new header !!

Wish you a happier, healthier and richer in everything for the year of Ox :)


Borneo Falcon said...

Cool header

EVo said...

Why are you the only one wearing clothes lah?

Ahmike said...

NIce :)

clive said...

new year new transform ?

Anonymous said...

TINTIN, Akiraceo - Hapi New Year!
Vincent - Thank you!
独侠令狐冲 - Happy New Year!
Ning - Yeah! Hapi 2009!
Shiveeleaves - Hapi New Year!
Andrew - Heheh! Hapi 2009!
ahlost - Thank you! Same to you =)
Borneo Falcon - TQ!
Evo - coz I'm smarter! =P
Ahmike - Thank you!
Clive - Yeah! Evolution! said...

new year new header... cool...