Dec 22, 2008

My Ride, My Pride

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Supposingly I have an outdoor shooting at Ulu Yam but then plan changed and cancelled in the end.

Really eager for photos shooting but then no ppl wan to date me. Sigh!

So yesterday I drove my car out and have a mini photo shot of my ride.

I have been driving this car for about 4 months already after I sold off my Myvi.

Click on the photo above to see my ex ride.

Some photos of My Ride that I took yesterday.

used 50mm f 1.8.

50mm f 1.8

VVT-i engine

Some pros and cons of this car;

Pros; Great fuel consumption, better handling, generous power by1500cc engine and afforable price tag.

Cons; Smaller cabin where I can't sit comfortably behind, minor rattling sound, no Air Bag, bad sound proof.

Overall this car gave me a very good driving experience and great fuel consumption (average 500km/full tank) my best record was 602km/full tank. Afterall it's a Toyota!

I'm lovin My Vios


Anonymous said...

when wanna shoot for my car?=p

clive said...

ulu yam? u should ajak me ahhahahh.. merry xmas to u and njoy your ride~

ATnews said...

nice post

Anonymous said...

gimhowe - Let me know the time and place =P
clive - Haven't go, next time tag u along ya?
ATnews - Thank you!

Charles Key said...

Nice photo of the Vios logo. Nice lighting and compo.

Anonymous said...

CharlesKey - Thank you! =) said...

is vios confortable to drive? I aim for this model too, soon may be 2009 or 2010

Anonymous said...

iCalvyn - Not bad and economical! -)