Dec 10, 2008

Kennysia's Apprentice?

Posted by Anonymous |

This morning I was hopped on to an interesting blog.

A 19 yo blogger from Kuching. He just started his blog early of November and created a very high traffic in blogsphere. (from what I see in his sitemeter)

His blog was featured in the blogroll of Kennysia.

It’s really that big influence by having your blog linked in a very famous blog like

But nevertheless the way he writes his blog is quite interesting and quite similar with Kenny.

Kuching fabricate a lot famous bloggers.


Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...


Sigh..Too bad I'm not one of them (from cat-city as well haha)

desmond-t said...

How come they can be so successful in blogging wan ah? hehe...

i guess they are just too talented

Borneo Falcon said...

Probably some people are born to be successful

Anonymous said...

Miao - I also wish can have such traffic.
Desmond-T - Yeah!
Borneo Falcon - True also!

AHMIKE said...

Miao has nice pic too. Just wait for the timing. The guy got lotsa traffic from Kenny Sia. Actually there are talented bloggers like you TallBoyz, Miao, alot more. However, I enjoy reading low profile blogs than those famous one. I read yours too. =)

p/s : show me more photos la, I sudah praise you leh

Anonymous said...

ahmike - OMG! U praise me so high ah! hahahah!