Oct 24, 2010

The Child's Eye | Henessy Artistry

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Yesterday I've catched "The Child's Eye" at Pavilion before head to Henessy Artistry.

I did a silly act for being super ultra late to the cinema as I've bought a 15:50 movie ticket but I was thought it's 16:50. Missed an hour show :(

Being stranded in Thailand by the political uprising and the subsequent airport closure, Rainie and her friends are unable to return home. Reluctantly, they stay in an old and shabby hotel. Among them are Rainie’s on the verge of breaking up boyfriend, Lok; Ling and her brother Rex; Ciwi and her beloved boyfriend, Hei. From the moment they check in the hotel, they come across three weird children and a puppy, and then strange things begin to happen one after another.

Rate 6/10 Please don't take my rate judge the movie as I've only watched about 40 minutes of the show only. What I know from the movie is Rainie acting skill was very bad somemore she's the main actress in this movie. It's wasn't as scary as I expected.

As what I've just mentioned, yesterday I've attended one of the biggest Hennesy Artistry Party of 2010 at MIECC, The Mines.

The party was super happening and alot Artistes & Deejay around the world performed live at here, Henessy Artistry.

More photos and videos will be shared on my coming blogpost. Stay tune!

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Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

I'm waiting for your H-Artistry videos =D
Sure nice one~!

ken said...

yeap, more photos pls! :)

Joshu@law said...

woots! looking forwards to it. :)

Anonymous said...

Tian Chad - No lor, the sound pecah.

ken - Sure thing!

Joshu@law - Wokie wokie, damn pressure now :P