Oct 13, 2010

Hawaii Party

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Back to my company trip at Tioman.

The next day was started with a great breakfast and continue with something that I rarely do, EXERCISE

It's a Telematch. The telematch divided into 3 games which are Beach Volley Ball, Beach Commando & Treasure Hunt.

I look gay in pink right? XD

I've participated in Beach Commando, we all run like crazy people along the seaside. It was tiring yet fun especially building a camp with just bamboo and coconut's leaf.

After the tiring activity, here come the lunch.

What next after a delight FULL lunch? Burn calories lor! XD

So planned out with my colleagues for snorkeling and banana boat ride.

HQ colleagues

Branches colleagues.

The snorkeling area was at an island opposite to the resort.

The water there was damn clear can? Just like a big swimming pool, swimming around with chorals and fishes with alot floating bodies.

Banana boat was our next activity, I had 3 rounds until my hand shivered of tiredness.

As mention earlier on my previous post, my company organised the annual trip as well the annual dinner. The theme was Hawaii Nite and it was hold next to beach.

Enjoyed the sunset while having our dinner. Romantic kan?

Some of my fellow colleagues ready with their attire for the dinner.

Some performances carried out by branches team and also the new staffs to spice up the night.

Tele Dynamics celebrated it's 29th Birthday, cake cutting ceremony and champagne completed the event.

BTW, there was also lucky draw. Guess what I've brought home? Something that used to make drinks. It's has blade. Can guess what it is? XD


HenRy LeE ® said...

so nice la hawaii theme... i wanna go Tioman too... of course with my friends n not company! hahaha

Anonymous said...

It gonna be much more fun with frens lor!