Oct 16, 2010

Stop Staring Can?

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A quick update for today, just got back home from Ampang. Went to the famous Ampang, Nine Emperors Festival with Jason, Ewin & Bryan.

The last time I went there was like........... a decade, lol! I guess everything look the same, the same ritual, the crowded smoky temple, jolt sticks that are removed immediate upon you plug-in and not to be forgotten, the smell-like-shit-that-can-kill-me "rotten tofu" that sell at the roadside.

Seriously, it smell like shit and I'm not shitting you, the weird things about this rotten tofu is the smell will be only visible when you walked away from the stall but when you stand at the stall you won't smell a thing. Weird kan?

Walked in and meet up with sweaty Jason and walk walk around the temple. Didn't snap much photos there, it's way too crowded and smoky.

Some snapshots of the day

The opera show remind me of a ghost movie. XD

Then I walk walk around and feel abit uncomfortable, it's like someone watching me I know I'm hensem, please don't keep staring at me lol!

OMG! The stare was creepy! :P

BTW did I tell you I met Sonic? lol!

Before leave, Jason asked from a group photo. Damn nice kan UWA? but my face look distorted -.-"

Photo credit to Jason

BTW how's you weekend? Mine is suck! See me in the photo where I'm wearing Toshiba T shirt? Yeah! I'm working today and same goes tomorrow. *BigSadFace*


taufulou said...

last year i went there..it is so crowded and so different to most of the temple i went before.. infront of the temple directly outside the fence all selling pork.. and quite commercialise also..

Nicholas Chan said...

nine emperor god here got opera show one. so happy.