Apr 20, 2011

The Roommate

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On Monday I've catched premiere screening "The Roommate" with my evil twin Joshua Ong & my colleagues.

The Roommate is about a physco roommate in college who are totally obsessed with her new roommate. Everything turned to violent when she feel her roommate gained more new friends and losing confidence on their friendship.

This movie reminded of the movie "Obsessed" where the mentalist would do anything to keep the person even killing people.

Rate 6/10 Too predictable storyline.

Check out the movie trailer;


Innanie | Ariffin said...

i ada perasan u and the gang tapi segan nak tegur!!! hehehehe

i pun bagi 3 bintang je cite ni. boring and slow laaa


Kian Fai said...

hi hi hi . . . dun wish to have roommate like this . . . even stalker will exist also XD

anyway this movie ok ok only la XD Scream 4 better!

Anonymous said...

Innanie - Woots! U should say hi ma! hehehe! BTW, I'm at Curve wor but NN is at 1U.

Kian Fai - Hahhaah! I haven't watch scream 4, nice ga?