Apr 18, 2011

Show Luo 3D Encore World Live Tour Concert in Malaysia

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Last Saturday, Show Luo (羅志祥) held a 3D Encore World Live Tour Concert at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil and I was lucky to receive an invitation to catch the show. Bumped with few bloggers there joshuaongys, weiw aka sweetestapplepie, jfook & kianfai. Nice to see you guys!

It's VVIP yo! 2nd rows seat from the stage and a VIP parking which are very close to the stadium. Woots! Feel like VIP lor! :P

I was suppose to have this blogpost up yesterday, due to slow internet connection at home I have to find an alternative place to uploads videos I've recorded during the concert.

Ya ya ya! I know recording are prohibited but I can't help myself. BTW all the photos & videos are taken with iPhone 4, no camera allowed in the hall -.-"

sorry for the bad quality images

I can't believe I'm holding this glow stick which look so wrong and act like I'm a super big fans of Show Luo 羅志祥. lol! What do you think this glow stick resemble?

Didn't really took any photos I only have a camera phone, so I record videos more.

Check out the opening of the show.

Couldn't really see the 3D effects as I'm sitting so near but it still look awesome.

Some photos taken

Great dance move

His fans kept yelled him to take off his outfit. lol! Crazy fans! Oh ya! Did I mentioned his hardcore big fans sat just behind of me? They yelled and cried when he's on the stage like he is going to die or something. Luckily I'm sitting in front of them and not behind cause they kept standing up and has been instructed to sit down like........ gazillion time.

Beside that I also need to be careful with my words when I talk about him, else I may be killed & smacked. Tweet also need to cover the screen. lol!

In this show, he previewed few of his movies and sang the theme. He kept mentioned he's handsome WTF! But then he indeed good looking. OMG! Do I sound gay?

Seriously, from far he do look like Aaron Kwok and sound like one too.

Heard from my colleague, he's a big fan of Aaron Kwok. Probably that's the reason he sing and style like one too.

The concert ended around 10pm

and wrapped up with a great interactions with all his fans by dancing together. Do check out the video below;

Overall it was a great show, great performance. Love the cool lighting effects and 3D scene backdrop. Interactions was a plus point to make the crowds want for more.

Before we leave the hall, there are actually some crazy fans want to take Show Luo's used towel which he left on the stage. My house got plenty of this colour towel and I can wiped my sweat and give to you. Hahaha!

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Kian Fai said...

can I Scream Here? hahah Scream4 over di =P SHOW LUO ROX! =D

Joshu@law said...

eh? I was there too! Btw, you captured the pictures with iPhone4? wow..the quality not bad ma.

Anonymous said...

I think i‘m the one of"his hardcore big fans"that you mentioned!lol!I saw you that day!I just sat one row away from you

wen pink said...

i was there too... but i think his performance so-so only...

saimatkong said...

wow! VVIP sumore!

Anonymous said...

I'm one of the crazy fans too! Hahahaha! Nice video dude! Thanks for your comment as well. So you did not dance along with him huh? As you were busy recording! XD Ahhhh want it more! SHOW ROCKSSS! =))))

Anonymous said...

Kian Fai - Hhaha! Can! Scream as loud u can :P

Joshua - Woow! iPhone 4 rawks ma :P

Anonymous - Hahah! Cool!

Wen Pink - So so only ah? Hmmm he's not handsome meh? :P

saimatkong - VVIP yo!

Anonymous - Yeah! Damn bz recording. lol!

Anonymous said...

thanks for recording such a clear video for us.. so envy u can get VVIP ticket.. ^^