Apr 14, 2011

WeBUY Offers RM 203,000

Posted by Anonymous |

Have you guys checked out WeBUY.com.my?

I discovered this website offers some really awesome deals. We can purchase things with a lower price and even for free.

There will be different products offered on sale for a period of time.

How does it really works?

Here’s an example;

WeBUY community is have a giveaway project which giving out a total of RM203,000.

All you need to do is just click on BUY (which doesn’t cost you a single cent) on the item you interested and once the deal reaches to a 500 BUYs, the deal will be activated and everyone will gets RM3 e-wallet which can be treated as real cash to purchase BUYs from WeBUY. When it hits the 2nd tier which is 1500 BUYs, everyone would get RM5.

That’s mean the more BUYers, the higher money will be offers to all. Everyone plays and get rewards, as simple as that. Below is the rewards we can get when it hits the target.

Guess what? To make it more exciting, WeBUY has make this campaign more unbelievable as they will draws 10 lucky winners to WIN a RM300 extra to their WeBUY e-wallet if 10,000 is reached.

I guess you wouldn’t want to miss this great offers right? Sign up now as a member at http://WeBUY.com.my and LIKE theirs Facebook page http://facebook.com/webuynow/ for more latest updates.

Share it out with your friends and let’s hit the 10k BUYs and get pay RM20 or even RM320. Woots!

Damn I’ve missed out the iPad BUY for FREE!

The other side deals they have running concurrently would be;

RM 11 for a full set of high tea with pastry lunch as well as an RM 5 cash voucher for the next visit.

RM 80 for full hair services worth RM 250, along with RM 50 cash voucher to be used the next round