Oct 9, 2011

Pikom Charity Run 2011 - Maratweethon

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Today, on a wonderful morning I've attended a charity run organised by PIKOM in aid of National Cancer Society Malaysia.

What is Maratweethon? Actually I made that up. lol! If you followed me on twitter I did not only run, I take picture, tweets, check-ins, answer phone calls.... typical city people behavior? :P Hmmm... can I copyright the word?

The event start at 7.30am where the starting point is at Pikom ICT Mall@Capsquare. The run is only 6.4km circling around in the heart of KL city.

We all look like smurfs invading Kuala Lumpur with the blue theme shirt.


The route is quite interesting, we started at the Pikom ICT Mall, then toward Jalan Dang Wangi

and we passed by the Malaysia twin corns, KLCC.

After that we run to Jalan Sultan Ismail and walk run circling the Menara Kuala Lumpur. This is the toughest part where we need to run uphill. Justin Hee claimed that's the Initial D turning lol! Oh ya! I bumped with Justin on the run and Ivy. Hola!

Then we passed by Ambank.

Camel kissing KL tower!

Due to the routes in the center of KL, there are few roads were blocked/closure and this made hell a lot of honks! Check out the traffics!

There are 2 pit stops for drink, 1 is at KL Tower and the other one is at Jalan Ceylon if I'm not wrong.

I took less than 50 minutes to complete the 6.4km Maratweethon. Pheww! Long time never run, feel so old!

I got my teeth DENTED!!!!

Once I got the medal I straight go and bite. I see all medalist bite ma! See the dent I made on the medal. lol! Joking only lar!

It's a fun run and feel good to have exercise at the same time doing CHARITY! Way to go Joshua! Tak tahu malu :P


Filip Demuinck said...

Congratulations. I would never make it.


jolene said...

congratulations! i was at this capsquare mall yesterday for the game fair

Kian Fai said...

wah u run verry verry the fast lo :P

Anonymous said...

Filip - Hahha! U haven't try u won't know! :)

jolene - Thanks! Yeah! WCG!

Kian Fai - Where got! Those uncle finish less than 35 minutes! lol!