Oct 17, 2011

Suki-Ya at Tokyo Street, Pavilion

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About 2 months back yes I've totally forgotten this I've visited Suki-Ya at Tokyo Street. Not the Tokyo's Street in Japan how I wish, it's the one in Pavilion on level 6.

Suki-Ya is an all you can eat shabu shabu buffet restaurant.

Me and my fellow friends met up together to have dinner at same time celebrate YY's birthday.

They have 2 type of soup which are Sukiyaki & Kimchi. Advise to take Sukiyaki soup if you don't like spicy. Kimchi soup really not nice

They serve unlimited meats like chicken, lamb and beef. All you need to do is raise your hand and ask!

Vegetable is available at Health Bar corner and assorted vege is available there and as well eggs.

You throw in all the vegetable into the soup to make it taste sweeter before you dip in your meat.

Once it's hot dip in your meat for few minutes to let the meat cooked.

For me I'll dip my beef for 10-25 seconds in the soup

and fast fast dip it into raw egg so the egg will coat on the beef. Then fast fast put in your mouth. Hot? Surprisingly it's not hot at all. Hahhaha! Damn hungry updating this blogpost.

Use my long hand to cam-ho

The beef is the best, second is the lamb. They also have Wagyu Beef (cattle that drinks wine, listen to music and get massage before being slaughter) lol!

Ice cream is also available and you can DIY.

You can choose to have just chocolate or vanilla or you can have Michael Jackson (black & white)

then you can dress your ice cream

Wahlah! There you go, Cornetto Ice Cream :P

ps: the ice cream taste so so only, so don't be greedy and take a lot!

Overall the food there is not bad and the environment is clean. Price wise is acceptable Lunch is RM29.80++ (11am to 5pm) and Dinner is RM39.80++ (5pm-10pm)

You guys should give it a try if you happened to be in Pavilion and don't know what to eat. Oh ya! Long queue awaited on weekend and no reservation/booking allows.


Isaac Tan said...

the whole street smells of sushi! lol, but nice lo. If you're a fan of jap food, this place would be close to paradise :)

theeggyolks said...

that's very cheap leh~~

Norman Goh said...

HAHAHAHA, I was there few days ago with my aunt! Then I left for Vietnam!

Anonymous said...

Isaac 0 Hahah! Not really lar, I love sushi tho :P

theeggyolks - Yeah! It's dirt cheap

Norman - Wow! Ur aunt know where to eat Hehehe!

sue said...

Doesn't look like a lot of choices wor... and looks more Korean than Japanese..