Oct 27, 2011

Taiwan Day 5 - Bullet Train

Posted by Joshua |

Continue with my Taiwan trip. After a night stay at Feng Chia, Taichung we head back to Taipei on next morning.

Went for superb breakfast at some roadside stall near Feng Chia street.

Check out our breakfast! All look yummy and all ain't really expensive tho.

All look very happy after a wonderful breakfast!

After that we head to get shuttle bus transfer to Taichung THSR Station and back to Taipei. The ticket cost NT675 about RM70 one way.

Before get on the train we bought some famous train lunch meal.

While waiting for the train to arrive........ we cam-ho what else can do? :P

Say harlo inside the bullet train! The train can travel at 300km/h but can't really feel the momentum speed.

It take about an hour to reach from Taichung Station to Taipei Main Station, really save a lot of time there.

Was wonder how's the famous train lunch meal look like?

There you go,

The weather there was great, photo taken through the train's window.

Next gonna bring you to Taiwan's IT Mall that look alike Low Yat Plaza in Malaysia :P


Filip Demuinck said...

Nice pictures and the train looks modern.


Shuwen said...

So hungry nowwww. All the eggs in the food look so temptinggg.

Joshua said...

Filip - Thanks mate!

Shuwen - Heheh! Go and grab foods! :P

FiSh said...

may i know what's the first one called? something with omelette~