Oct 4, 2011

I Love Samsung Galaxy S II: Post Your Video

Posted by Anonymous |

Still remember the I Love Samsung Galaxy S II: Post Your Action Request?

The action that I've requested has approved and one of the Samsung fan actually made the video.

I've requested for "Kissing and cam-ho with Samsung Galaxy SII"

Thanks to the sweet & pretty Jenvine *hope I spelled it correctly* for making my request. You are indeed a big fans of Samsung Galaxy S II.

Can you see my big name there? lol!

Check out the video she made just for me lol! below

You also can take part by directing/acting/producing a video and submit to http://bit.ly/pa8JrF

Not sure what to upload? Check out the Pending Post Action Request to get more ideas. Once you are done, click on "Submit Video"

Fill up all the information and upload the video. Who know your video will be used for Samsung's next campaign? Famous tu! :P

Do check out the microsite here http://bit.ly/pa8JrF