Nov 24, 2011

Taiwan Day 6 - Beitou Hot Spring

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Back to my Taiwan trip, continue from Yang Ming Shan we head for lunch and hot spring at Beitou.

This restaurant not only serve foods, they also run hot spring spa at the back.

They have this package whereby if we spend a certain of money we will get hot spring spa for free.

The deal quite good since we all are so hungry, we ordered a lot

Let's the foods do the talks!

This is just a few, we did ordered a lot.

After the heavy yummy foods we rest for a while before head for hot spring spa.

Bought this kit for the spa which cost NT100. It includes a small towel and a disposable underwear.

There are few rooms designed for hot spring, so we divided to 3.

The hot water level can be adjust where there are two water inlets, 1 is from the hot spring and the other one is normal water.

I setup a tripod in the room and planked inside lol! :P

We guys even take group picha!

We all are refreshed after the spa, it was awesome after the tired walks at Yang Ming Shan.

After that we dropped by at Danshui the famous lover bridge. Stay tune and do follow me on twitter @tallboyz


Filip Demuinck said...

Nice food pictures, Mr Planker.


CuteBun said...

T_T too bad I didn't go there. Nice hot spring!

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Joshua said...

Filip - Hahah! Thanks man!

CuteBun - It's very nice! :)

FiSh said...

lol why hot spring also got so many nice food ?*drools*


Mr Lonely said...

nice food shared =D

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

Jim said...

Great pictures. I actually did a whole post about how to get to the Beitou Hot Springs. I most focused on the Geothermal Valley and the public hot springs.