Nov 13, 2011

Taiwan Day 6 - Yang Ming Shan : 力宏-依然愛你 MV

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Was checking out Wong Fu Productions latest videos of behind the scenes Music Video of Leehom latest song "依然愛你" / "Still In Love With You"

Has been a big fans of Wong Fu Productions way back and I've watched all of their videos that shared on YouTube. Another Asian YouTubers that made me proud :P damn I'm so racist they are really fun and chases their dreams together. Go Phil, Wes & Ted!

You can watch the making here PART 1 & PART 2.

The making were took place in Taiwan and it has reminded me my visit to Taiwan few months back ago. So I'm gonna continue and finish up my Taiwan trip blogpost.

2nd last days of my Taiwan trip we went to Yang Ming Shan & few more places.

Early morning we went for breakfast nearby our homestay.

Eat in the van while on our way to Yang Ming Shan. It took about 2 hours to reach from Taipei city to YMS.

Yang Ming Shan famous with their great scenery views and luckily the weather that day was great. The cloudy blue skies matched the green sea views of mountains.

We all trying to do Bollywood style here. lol!

The view so nice we cam-ho alot and I planked too :P

Not forgotten to get all my brothers to take picha together.

Nice kan?

We walked to the other side of mountain to see some cattle and er....... cattle's poo

Check out the view behind. Damn nice! Took a lot photos there.

While we walked, Sandy saw a road direction to a waterfall and it stated there 0.9km. We all thought that is near and since the view here so nice, the waterfall should be nice also!

So we walk and walk and walk

and walk

and walk

and walk

I guess you know what I mean here, the path ain't near, took us nearly an hour to reach.

Yes another 0.1km to go

and finally we saw the waterfall. Look nice right? To be honest, the image below were cropped and it's super small. Smaller than our Malaysia Sungai Congkak x100.

The most disappointed were, we can't even touch the water as we can only view the waterfall on a bridge. Really WTF! I meant Want To Faint . If you guys saw this Jyansih Waterfall at Yang Ming Shan, just ignore and skip it!

We took a group photo atleast after the tiredness walk and sweated like pig to reach to such disappointed point of uninterested (POU)

Next we head to Beitou for lunch and hotspring! I planked at there! Do check it out.

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TZ said...

Nice Pictures :)

Anonymous said...

TZ - Thanks man! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice Bloggie bro, have been reading from your TaiwanDay1 onwards. Looking forward to the rest. Planning for Taiwan trip as well. Good reference!