Nov 2, 2011

I've Won A Peugeot 407 & RM220k Cash From Maybank

Posted by Anonymous |

This evening I've received a mail from Maybank and I've been selected to claim an opportunities to the final stage of 25th Super Contest hold by Reader's Digest. I'm in the running to win RM220,000 and the winner will get the money transferred to my Maybank account within 72 hours! Wow!

All I need to do is to buy a Reader's Digest "How To Write And Speak Better" book that cost RM98.89 that the RRP price is RM129. I will get 1000 treatspoints, FREE gift and I could also win a brand new car!!!!!!

Complete the documents by filling up my Maybank Credit Card information and I'm done! Yes! Done of missing money or unusual transactions to foreign accounts.

This is not the first time I received such letter and they are well prepared with all the so persuadable documents.

See what are inside the letter?

The new Maybank logo and failed Reader's Digest logo. That ain't Reader Digest logo!

I could win RM200,00!

They also giving out car! If the number matched I will win a brand new car! See I got luck or not!

Wow! UEM 901! I've won a Peugeot 407 worth RM150k! OMG!!!!!!

I think they have gave this sort of letter to quite a number Maybank card users. Wonder where and how our details leaked out? They actually give out a reply mail box and could the authorities check out the company?

How I wish all is real! I wan a Peugeot 407 can? A Mazda 2 also fine! lol!

If you guys every got this mail! Ignore and destroy it!

Never ever reply them! Any of you received such mail?

You maybe interested on M2U Scam blogpost I wrote few month back!


SiMon Har said...

wow... they are into making scam letter now??!!

theeggyolks said...

lol! i thought you really won the car by reading the title >__<. Anyway, My sis ever receive those letters few years back..all of them were craps =_="

Nikel Khor said...

tipu one

LauraLeia said...

Got these all the time in the mail when subscribed to Reader's Digest. Not sure if real or not, but it always want you to buy stuff to go to the 'next round' wan, lol.

lyCayenne said...

seriously even myself also thought that you won so tremendously awesome stuff from your title. =.= I subscribed to Reader Digests for a while now and been receiving those silly stuff every month. from passport to car key to insurance agent calls. sho annoying!

atreyu strange said...

Wow. They can't get us via our emails, now they're trying snail mails?? Thanks for the heads up! Need to inform family and friends about this new way of scam. Fukken scumbags!

soulesscloudy said...

Good one... at least can boost up reader digest sales...

Kian Fai Koh said...

I thought you really won something in the very first place in my mind and I was thinking "got so big punya kapNa Chui kai tiuh meh?" LOL

Well now they come into real mail and for sure some of the people will fall for it.

How they got your full name and your full address? dangers ni!

Anonymous said...

It's a legit mailer from Maybank, on behalf on RD. RD doesn't actually have any of your details, the mailer was sent out to selected Maybank customers. It's a standard RD mailer, with the usual type of offer. Read the fine print. You don't win the car AND the cash. You actually stand a chance to win the car OR the cash. Stand a chance = lucky draw.

It's like a raffle ticket. You buy the raffle ticket (i.e. RD subscription) and get a chance to win either the car or the cash. Standard stuff from RD, just coming to you via Maybank instead.

When you sign up for a credit card, banking account, car loan, personal loan etc. in the fine print there is something that says you agree to receive such promotional materials from Maybank, unless you specifically say otherwise in the form. This is quite standard also, across the banks, they all do it to some extent or the other.

FiSh said...

lol. all these kinds of scammers are so common out there. anyway there is the slightest chance to win too, dont give up XD

Elisha Batuncang said...

Thought it was real because I have a lot of these contest forms in my Reader's Digest package. But I'm not sure they do have an alliance with Maybank.

I heard of someone won the prizes from Reader's Digest but I never participate for the contest yet.

Carina said...

Have you checked with the bank? I thought it is real! Because last time I also received similar mail but I ignored it, cause I know I'll never have that luck :( But if it's realy like what you said, I AM SO LUCKY! At least I did not lost the $$ before I ''WIN'' any. haha!

Vin Tsen Gan said...

Internet scam too competitive dy, now they switching their target market lor.

MichLeong said...

lol. From the title, I thought you've really won. haha

FirhanAbqari said...

joined once , haha ... but no luck trough ... do not subcribe la .... mail marketing nowadays very freaks me out sumtimes you thougt you win but no ... wakakakak

Anonymous said...

LOL...i also got the same letter with the first place i also being tempted with the prize...but then it's wierd that they will give away big prizes even you dont purchase anything...or else also can win if buy their book but with CREDIT CARD NUMBER (woww sound scary)....then i google many people got the same letter (the letter stated that i'm the only one in malaysia hahahah)...then i read this RD scam all over the world & it's really dangerous.....point to note..if we reply without purchase anything, another letter will come out to purchase something so that we stand to win the prizes...and if we reply & buy the book with CREDIT CARD, then we will finished....remember the phone scam which pretend as the bank agent..they always insist to know on the last 4 Credit Card number so beware.......rather than you give away your Credit Card details, better you bet TOTO 4D, TOTO Jackpot, Da Ma Chai or else....RM 1 can be thousand or million if you have luck....LOL

Anonymous said...

Simon - Yeah!

theeggyolks - Hahhah! A lot of my frens also thought so.

Nikel - Yah!

LauraLeia - But I'm not a subscriber wor!

lyCayenne - Hahahha! U r the 3rd person :P

atreyu strange - Thanks for spreading the news :)

soulesscloudy - Hahhah! This will make them look fugly

Kian Fai - U will be surprise to know it's from Maybank themself -.-"

Fish - That's the reason I blog posted it

Elisha Batuncang - Chance is very low lor!

Vin Tsen Gan - Hahah! Yeah! New direction

MichLeong - U r the number 676567896 :P

FirhanAbqari - Ain't tat easy bro! :)

GenYong said...

I had received that before... They even send me the fake car key! hahaha... Saying that I was won a car and many more la... Cash back and all those things... but the terms are request me to subscribe the magazine! hahahhaa

Anonymous said...

i get this too.....i pay them with cross chegues....rm100++ la.then i get some they are sending me another letter of buying their card so it won't expired for like 12month and get a piercarlo d'alessio watch for thank man...i really have doubt on this.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Joshua!

How did you know that this is a scam? Have you try to contact Reader's Digest and check with them?

Reader's Digest said...

Hi Joshua,
No need to contact Reader's Digest, I'll contact you instead :-)
I am the corporate affairs manager from Reader's Digest Asia Pacific and wanted to correct a few points in your blog post. In the first instance the letter you received was genuine. Secondly nowhere on the letter does it say you have won a Peugeot 407 & RM220k, which would make your headline a little misleading. The Sweepstakes is run by us and not by Maybank, though was sent to selected Maybank customers. The entry for the RM220k sweepstakes is free as are all our sweepstakes (think of it as a free lottery ticket for looking at our catalogue), however a purchase is required in order to be in the running for the car (think of that as an incentive or thanks for your purchase). Thirdly - the Reader's Digest logo you inferred was fake, is in fact our new logo and we have used that logo for the last two or more years now. In summary, the offer you received was genuine. Each year we give away exactly the amount we say we will. Entry into our sweepstakes is free and always has been. Those who purchase from our catalogues receive additional incentive entries to the sweepstakes. I wish you the very best of luck Joshua, and hope that your headline about winning will come true for you.

David Liew said...

to reader digest,

when will this lucky draw thing be announced, i had submitted my contest form too.

David, the excited guy