Jan 31, 2012

Taiwan Day 6 - Ximending Night Market

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Was thought of updating my recent trip to Cameron Highland and just realized I have not finished my Taiwan trip blogpost. Hahhahaha! Almost 1/2 year ago only :P

After Danshui we all went to Ximending for dinner. We had the proclaimed the best Mee Shua in Taiwan "Ah Chung Mee Shua" Hope I pronounced it right.

It's a restaurant that doesn't have table for customers but all the people there would queue up and eat on the road side.

This is the mee shua. Taste not bad tho by adding some vinegar onto it.

Walked around the night market

and saw this fat Garfield. If u read Chinese it said "Do not disturb me sleeping" Damn! I should place this on my door.

I think I saw this police car before in Malaysia. Oh ya! The old Volvo sprayed his car like a police car.

The girls continue shopping and the guys find WiFi a place to rest. Then we saw heaven....... I mean Starbucks.

chill out and steal some WiFi.

After that we head for supper. Had this Roti Canai like bread. Taste very good tho!

After that we walk back to our homestay. Walked on a pedestrian bridge and had a slow shutter photo shoot.

1 more blogpost to go and gonna wrap up my Taiwan visit :)


Sherrie Pui said...

I stayed at that area that time! XD Didn't even take a lot of photos.
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Anonymous said...

Sherrie Pui - Oh! That place is very happening one wor at night