Aug 11, 2011

Taiwan Day 2 - Shilin Night Market

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Back to my Taiwan trip

After paid a visit at a Temple near Yunshan's MRT. We planned to go to Shenkeng, a place famous with Tofu and also named as Tofu street.

We took MRT from Yunshan MRT Station to Muzha MRT Station then take bus to Shenkeng.

It was raining when we reached to Muzha, it didn't stop us to continue our journey. So we bought few umbrellas.

Took 660 Zhinnan Bus Co. across the road. It take about 40 minutes to reach to Shenkeng. *try to ask the driver to notify when reached, they all are very friendly*

The rain have not stop when we reached, so we walked to a dessert house opposite Tofu Street. They got assorted taste of Tofu and cake. All are made of soya. Feel so healthy eat it :P

The famous Tofu Street, super crowded although it's still raining.

I want Sponge Bob can?

It's a Tofu galore here, stinky tofu is everywhere.

There's a long stress queue on this Stinky Tofu's stall.

We walk walk and makan makan all the way from the start and end of the road. We did try the 20NT$ tall ice cream, last time used to be 10NT$ but it never beat McDonalds Sundae Cone.

After that we head back to the bus stop and took the same bus return to Muzha MRT.
It's almost dawn when we reached to Muzha, then we took MRT head back to Jiantan for dinner and night market walk at Shilin.

Misty rain still there when we reached at Shilin, so we decided to have early dinner before the night market shopping.

While on our way there I saw Optimus Prime on the road!

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We had Mee Sua opposite the night market.

Their foods look very nice but it doesn't taste as good by it look :P

The busy Shilin Night Market even on raining.

Rain stopped and we continue venture the night market. Fruits stalls are everywhere, another point why Taiwan people are slim. They eat fruits, drink tea and walk a lot, I mean ALOT!

Shopping for about 2 hours + till our leg cramped. They girls have theirs own shopping and the guys have theirs. We all meet up at a cafe at the end of the road.

They have this unique Cheese Tea that look like beers. Taste quite special.

Due to too early dinner, we tapao some foods for suppers at our homestay.

Recommended "Large Fried Chicken"

Look at those big Sausages!!!

This is what we had!


That all for the 2nd night. Good night Taiwan!

More Taiwan post next :)


Filip Demuinck said...

Very clear nice pictures, good article.


Mouse Moushu said...

Blog slowly, I still writing preparation part :p

SiMon Har said...

wow! cheese tea wey!

Anonymous said...

Filip - Thanks man!

Mouse - Woots! I see Captain J here! Welcome on board!

Simon - Yeah! It taste..... weird but not bad lar :P

Tee Kean said...

da Mee sua taste diff wit m'sia rite... i oso did try da shop famous at tat place...

Anonymous said...

Tee Kean - Ximending there better!