Apr 25, 2012

Lucky Wednesday - Train California 37 & The Avenger

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Today is a lucky day for me. Won the latest music album by Train California 37 from FlyFM thru Twitter. How?

@FlyFM958 requested us to upload a picture with number 37 and I twitpic-ed a photo of a right-rotated McDonald's logo + a bended French Fries.

Guess what? I was lucky enough to be picked as the creative photo. Woots!

Can't wait to get the CD and play it in my car. Teehee!! Thank you @FlyFM958

Then later in the evening, I've took part in #LYNAvenger movie giveaway. It is one of the most anticipated movie of the year and I wanted to watch it badly! This movie giveaway hass started yesterday and a total of 200 pair movie tickets were given out.

Tried very hard yesterday but luck is not at my side. It was few seconds game, everyone is clicking to get the free ticket. I didn't give up till the last minutes and I was lucky enough to get a pair of ticket and it was the 2nd last pair of ticket. Hahahaha! Yeah I know you gonna say I'm a lucky bastard :P

Can't wait to watch this movie on this Friday. Thanks to @LowYatNet