Apr 29, 2012

The Avengers (Watched Twice, 2D & 3D)

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Guess what? I just got back from round 2 of The Avengers. Watched it on 3D last Friday and today another round of 2D. Seriously I'm yet bored with this movie and if got kaki I may watch again. Hahahahah! *over-rated*

It has been a busy week for all cinemas, everywhere are fully booked on this movie. Marvel's movie has never failed so far AGREE?

Nick Fury of SHIELD brings together a team of superhuman and form a respond team (The Avengers) to save the Earth from invasion by outter space/others world lead by Loki. *no spoiler here*

Rate 9.5/10 Laughed like hell with the jokes although I already seen it coming. Do watch it in atleast in 2D for greater preview. 3D was so so only IMHO. Gold Class is world to watch! :P

Do wait for the movie end as there is an after post credit scene.

p/s if you want to watch this movie but can't find any available seats, do consider 1Shamelin :)


Xjion89 said...

is it better than Battleship? haaha, still din't watch both of them~

Anonymous said...

Xjion89 - Seriously? U must watch both!