Sep 12, 2012

Let's Jump at Kuantan

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Few weeks back me and my buddies went for a getaway trip to Kuantan.

Testing out Andy's new Elantra and Winston's new Jazz Hybrid. Coincidental both car was registered on same alphabet, WWR. Hahaha!

Meet up in the morning and have dim sum as breakie together before start our journey to Kuantan.

Kuantan Here We Come! BTW that is Charmaine, YY and me

We stayed 1 night here at Hyatt Regency as we manage to get corporate rate, thanks to Gigi

While we waiting for check-in, snap snap

We met up with Ronan and Gigi there and head for lunch next to the hotel. Let me intro the buddies.

From left: Ronan, Mei, Winston, Abby, Jim, Andy, Jerry, Charmaine, YY and Gigi.

We actually had burger king which doesn't look king size to me, prefer Carl's Jr.

After that we head to the beach next to our hotel

Walked around the shore, take photos, feel some air breeze and walk on the sandy beach. Surprising the water there is still ok not sure Lynas's chemical would contaminate the sea water here soon?

That's me and YY

Met new friend there, a cute young boy who claimed he's not Malaysia but he's from Kuantan *confusing*

Then Jerry come out with an idea to have jump shoot.

Check out the fantastic 5 jump

We got Kakashi, Crazy Women, The Captain, Tummy Andy and Siao Winston lol!

After the walk and photo taking we head to the swimming pool. Was too lazy to bring my camera along thus no photo taken.

After the fun walk, jumping, posing and swimming, the day has come to dusk and time to hunt foods!

Another post coming up next :)

Omm nom nom nom


SiMon Har said...

so how's the Elantra?

Anonymous said...

Simon - It's a great car but seem abit under power. Maybe due to it heavy body. Have you tested it out?