Sep 17, 2012

Stuffed Crab at Kuantan

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After the tiring activities at hotel we head out for dinner.

Thanks to Sheryl (friend of Andy whom stayed at Kuantan) brought us out for decent and good dinner.

She recommended us Restoran Pak Su which located only few kilometres from the hotel we stayed.

The restaurant is built next to the beach where we can hear the sea wave and breeze air.

The hungry face. The girl who wore red is Sheryl!

We ordered a lot of foods like we all just released from dungeon. BTW this restaurant only serve halal foods.

The first dish served is stuffed crab.

it is minced crab meat stuffed together with some other ingredient onto the crab shell. I heard they recycle the crab shell

We also have abalone chicken *abalone vegetable only*

Fried salted egg squids


Scary staring looking fish

Fried tofu

we must each healthy and balance so we also ordered Kang Kung :P

The foods taste not bad and not really that pricey.

After the super heavy dinner we head for to chill out and enjoy the young night. At the same time we celebrated 2 buddies birthday.

Birthday Boy = Jerry and Birthday Gal = Gigi.

We stayed up late in night chilling with talking and drinking we had shotgun. Really wish the night stay longer

The next morning we walked to the nearby restaurant for breakfast.

All just woke up faces

ordered Laksa served with milo for breakfast before we head back to nightmare KL.

Next time when I visit Kuantan again, I must visit to Sungai Lembing, famous for the double rainbows and waterfall Maggie Mee.


jolene said...

double rainbows and waterfall Maggie Mee?

Anonymous said...

jolene - You never heard before?