Sep 19, 2012

R.I.P Poh Chi

Posted by Anonymous |

Heard sad news from my brother and rushed back home.

Poh Chi is my first dog which I got it in back 2000 from a friend of mine, she was abandoned by her ex-owner. She has been with us for almost 12 years now and she was an active Shih Tzu, barking and jumping around whenever she saw us. My mum love her so much.

I still remember I tought her to jump from floor to chair then to table. Tricked her skidding on the living room and banged on the glass door, she repeat that same a lot of times and never failed to tickle our heart. Maybe she can sense that we enjoyed the clown-job she did.

She like to lick my ear and nose when I try to scold her for doing something bad but it melted my heart.

Lately she gotten sick, visited the vet and been told that she's very old and her heart is getting poor. She has no appetite to eat and lately barely walk. Heartache seeing her like that.

Today around 4pm she had left to the god, hope she are no longer suffer in pain.

May she rest in peace now!