Sep 25, 2007

Pimpin Tallboyz's D-SLR

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I own a Nikon D70s and it has served me like a charm for 1 year+. Now is the time I shall pimp by baby. It has been a year I didn’t add or changes any parts of the camera even filters. Hehe!

Now I’m going to upgrade my kit lens from Nikon DX AF-S 18-55mm to Nikon DX AF-S 18-135mm. A longer focal yet still retained the 18mm wide. A lot people would advise me go for the 18-200mm with VR, where the VR is a crucial for a lengthy end focal. But the prices were doubled up. I guess 18-135mm should be sufficient for me to play for few years.

Focal length : 18 - 135 mm
Equiv. FOV : 27 - 202.5 mm equiv. FOV on a DX format digital SLR
Maximum aperture : F3.5 (W) - F5.6 (T)
Minimum aperture : F22 (W) - F38 (T)
Lens construction : • 15 elements in 13 groups • 2 ED glass elements• 2 aspherical elements
Picture angle,: 76° - 12°
Minimum focus range : 45 cm (1.5 ft) throughout the zoom range
Attachment size : 67 mm
Dimensions : 73.5 x 86.5mm (2.9 x 3.4 in)
Weight : 385 g (13.6 oz)

2nd upgrade would be speedlight/flash. I was recommended by Douglas to get Nikon Speedlight SB600. There’s a lot good review bout this speedlight although there’s a higher end of speedlight SB800.
Speedlight is very crucial for indoor shooting hence I’m depressed to get one as a lot of my indoor photos shooting sux.

Flash Type : Hot-shoe Clip-on Flash
Guide Number (m / ISO 100) : 30
Zoom : Automatic, Manual
Flash Features : AF illuminator, Illuminated LCD display, Flash +/- compensation, Wireless off-camera control
Lens Coverage : 24mm - 85mm
Recycling Time : 3.5 sec
Max Shooting Distance : 20 m
Min Shooting Distance : 2 ft
Supported Exposure Control : I-TTL, D-TTL, TTL
Shut Off Feature : Yes
Form Factor : AA
Battery Qty : 4
Battery Technology : Alkaline
Case Type : Soft Case
Weight: 10.6 oz (300g)
Dimension: 4.9 in x 2.7 in x 3.5 in (HxWxD)

I guess I'll be joining the Muslim members fasting and I would have to be few months. Hehe!


Douglas said...

Well, as long as you fully utilize your camera and equipment, then it will be worth buying.

Anonymous said...

Douglas - I guess 18-135mm should be sufficent for me. Thanks! =)