Sep 27, 2007


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Yesterday I left office sharp 6pm, I drove my car head back home and my I was asking myself Should I drop by YL camera shop to check the availability of the lens since I’m also passing by there? The owner’s of YL Desmond told me before if I wan this lens I might need to wait for few months coz this month has very high demand.

I reached Pudu Plaza at 6.45pm and I walk toward the shop. Suddenly a strong feel grasped me to glance at the windows where they place all the lenses and I saw 2 18-135mm waving at me. I’m contented, walked in with a smile and I pointed the lens and ask them to show to me. They said the lens just available this evening, there are 2 people just bought D80 body only. Woots! Without price negotiation I said I want this and SB-600 (wat a lousy buyer) but this shop is well known with fair price and genuine. Less than 10 minutes closed deal. That was fast! Haha!

So conclusion is “Finally I bought Speedlight SB600 and 18-135mm Kit Lens” =)


SilverIsle said...

Woah. Congratz. Haha.

I'm now thinking whether to invest on a dSLR or not. Haha. Scared I'm too noob to use. =/

Anonymous said...

Silverisle - Thanks! Never try never know. =)