Sep 18, 2007

Tallboyz at Genting

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Tallboyz doing wat at Genting?
Actually it was my buddy’s last day being bachelor (Bachelor Night) thus few of us suggest to go to Genting with him (Jackson) go to casino. This is my 1st time visit Uncle’s Lim casino. My 1st casino visit was at Hanoi.
All of my fren camera shy, all dun wan to take photo de. Sigh!

p/s all the photo below were taken by camera phone. All were spy shot with flashlight turned off. So very low quality! I might get imprison if they caught. I’m doing it for god sake of blogging! Muakaka! Sound sarcastic!
My RM50.

My fren won the 1st bet! RM5 become RM100. They all won about RM50-RM170 only me donated RM60 to Uncle's Lim. :(
The longer I stayed there a lot questions flying around, questioning me!
How come got so many ppl willing to travel to Genting just for gambling and the rate of road accident are quite high due to high hill and wet road?
Does the word "money" really heart tempting that can sell our soul?
Why all ppl would not satisfy with what they posses right now?
Does everyone also would have the same greediness of hunger for wealth?

We stayed there until 0630 hours! When I drove back the fogs were so thick and the visiblity were extremely low. Barely see the road, only can drive 10-30km/h.

When we reach half way I stopped by at aside to wait the 2nd car. I wind down my windows and wrote my nickname on my side mirror! wooots!!!!

We stopped by at Gotong Jaya for supper+breakfast Haha! They got hot prawn's mee and Dim Sum.

Next I head back to home to get prepared for my buddy wedding's ceremony photos shoot. Don't have time to rest as I reach home around 0740 and need to go to the bridge's house at 0830. Very tired de!


Douglas said...

Well, coz they don't know about blogging and cam-whoring. Hence, they only can take gambling as their pastime. Am I rite?

Anonymous said...

Douglas - Mayb different ppl would have different thought! Winning and Losing just a minor gap that can bring wealth or poor.

SilverIsle said...

Thanks for the pictures. Haha. Now I no longer look forward to enter Genting's casino anymore. =P

Hmm... And I'm happy for you that you stopped at RM60. =)

Anonymous said...

Silverisle - RM60 to have a visit and opened my mind is consider cheap and worthy. =)