Sep 9, 2007

Robert the Teddy

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Finally Tallboyz received back his car. When I get on car I saw Robert sat on the dashboard patiently waited for me to bring him home. Actually it’s a souvenir from PanGlobal Insurance. It has been a tough 2 weeks, I have to take public transports, from Pandan Indah to Tropicana to work. Star LRT – Putra – Rapid Bus.

Sigh! 1 month changed bumper twice! Hope this will be the only and the last.

Tallboyz just came back from somewhere; hehe! Try and guess where did I do such crazy poses?
Some photos to guess!

Got Padini Advertisment feel? Haha

Photos of me were taken by Douglas Ho. A special thanks to him! Feel free to login to his blog, a lot interesting photos can be found there.