Feb 24, 2008

Poh Chi

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What is Poh Chi?

Poh Chi means marble in English or guli in Malay.

I have a cute dog named Poh Chi. The name took becoz she has a big and rounded pair of eye that look like marble.

FYI she is Shih Tzu breed dog, she used to be very fluffy and cute but now she doesn’t look like one anymore.


Becoz…….. I sent her for a hair grooming and now she is a hairless dog. Haha!

I know I’m cruel but I got no choice as her hair’s are tangled and knotted.

Now she looks like this;

She does have a big rounded eye.

Look emo and sad right? =P


chingy said...

Omg, so kesian.
Hope her bulu comes back soon.

Anonymous said...

Chingy - Haha! Sure will grow back, just the matter of time! =P

Catherine said...

where do u stay?
i wanna come to ur house to play with ur cutie doggie!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Catherine - Nevermind I send my dog to ur house. =P

Imagica Chan said...

arr.... why her hair got tangled? I used to have 1 shih tzu before the terriers in my home... when we cut his hair short... it got so miserable for 1 week hiding his feet for 1 week....

Anonymous said...

imagica - Haha! Mine one ok wor! She proud with it! =P