Feb 17, 2008

I was so sick.....

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Sorry for the late update. I was very sick 3 days ago.

I’m grumbled my company panel’s clinic for being unprofessional.

I got a bad fever on Thursday night and went to my panel doctor on the next day. The stupid doctor said I got fever and will give me some antibiotics and voltaren. Funny thing is there is no fever medicine given to me.

The antibiotic only holds the fever for a jiffy. The next day morning, I had a bad diarrhea and the fever getting bad by hours. Till late night I can’t put up myself and I was ½ dead, I went to seek the panel doctor nearby my house.

Once reached, the door was locked! WTF they closed and it was only 10pm. No another choice I have to go for other clinic. I went to Klinik Kita, they are very professional, and they would diagnose and explain in proper manner. The doctor also curious why my panel would give such prescription that would cause diarrhea.

Now I’m really doubtful with my panel doctor.

Medxxxxxon sux!!!!!!!!!!!