Mar 19, 2008

My Ride

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Since the previous topic was about car. Here I'm going to show you guys my ride.

Back to 2005 when Myvi was being introduce and it was selling like hot pancakes. I had made booking and sold off my Can Lari (Kenari). Suffered 4 months without car.

Then I found a forum that gather all the myvi's owners to discuss modification and beautification on their's beloved vi. That time I was so committed and very active too. Met alot new frens and also brainwashed gaogao!

This was how my car look like. My style is simple and brought up a bit Japs taste.

I was very into beautification of my ride no matter in exterior

or interior. Mostly interior was DIY coz all were googled from the internet and budget are other issue.

Lay Light.

My early DIY. Lights underneath of my car.

Grumpy eye. Switched on whenever alarm disarmed.

Door handle Light!

and more DIY. Click HERE!

All pictures were taken with Nokia 6630 and Canon IXUS 60


Catherine said...

are the car lights legal?especially all the blue lights~~

Amei79 said...

I own a sylver myvi too...
Black color i like it too...but under the hot sun, hmm would it too hot in the car?

I prefer the original look, so not going to modify it.

Munster said...

u not using passo bumper meh?

bearbear said...

He use Passo bumper damn sui wan =p

gLaDieZz said...

Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuu... Whhoaaa... So unique punya.

kyliemc said... really modify your car gao gao with blue see your car from far at night :P

Anonymous said...

Catherine - Not illegal, normally will off geh!
Amei97 - Cool! Ok ah but with tinting on the windows. =)
Munster - This "was" how it look b4 passo.
BearBear - -.-"
Gladiezz - Hehe! Siao Biru!
Kyliemc - Haha! Not extreme yet. Some other more geng! Me just a minor mod. Thanks for dropping by by the way. =)

ahkwong said...

wah spend lot of money huh?

Anonymous said...

AhKwong - Haha! Brainwashed gaogao but the DIY is cheap lar. =)

clive said...

the light for the interior so classy man! not bad~

Shiveeleaves said...

waa,u give what the car im driving now,can lari.
I like interior light,looks so futuristic,dunno can put 1 at my can lari anot.

Anonymous said...

Clive - Thanks man! My mum said it look silly. =P

Shiveeleaves - Can lari is a very good car. A bit sad to sell it off tho. Can install on any car one.