Mar 2, 2009

February Movies

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Look For A Star

“There are no boundaries in LOVE” This movie is about a multimillionaire’s international company president (Andy Lau) fallen in love with night club dancer (Su Qi).

The storyline is quite predictable and it reminded me a movie that quite alike with this movie starring by Jackie Chan.

Rate 7/10

Bride Wars

This movie is about 2 best-est frens that very care and love each other fight over what that have dreamt together when they are young. The contra began when both of their’s bf proposed for marriage.

Rate 5/10 dun really like the rush ending.

Ong Bak 2

Have you guys watched the early Ong Bak? The stunt acts was out of this world. Tony Jaa was recognized as Jackie Chan Thailand Version.

This Ong Bak 2 was not related with the Ong Bak. As for this movie, Tony Jaa has performed numerous of martial arts. I super love the Chinese Kung Fu he executed, nice and perfect, can say better than a lot Kung Fu artistes.

The movie is abit a struggling life of a child to stay alive so he can have revenge for his dad.

The ending is abit sad but then it shown the different between Tony Jaa and Jackie Chan. Hero would not always win and can’t be defeated.

No one can escape from Karma.

Rate 8.5/10

Eden Lake

A very romantic plan of a couple spending holiday at Eden Lake changed to tragic when they bumped up with some problematic adolescents.

It started when the couple accidently killed one of the trouble kid’s dog during an argument. The anger and irrational acts led to killing. The chase being when they killed the guy and the gal run for survival. Quite kan jiong. But then the ending was a bit sad and disappointed.

Rate 6/10 feel like a low cost movie.

Slumdogs Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire, the big winner of Oscar 2009. Nominated for 10 awards and received 8 awards, including Best Picture and has billed as the most entertaining film 2008.

Doesn’t need to elaborate much bout this movie, one word to describe this movie “The Best-est Movie” and it’s a much watch movie.

This movie has proven to people, a good movie does not required sky high budget and super famous superstar to be played in the movie.

Rate 10/10 perfect score

The Punisher WarZone

This movie probably the bloodiest movie of 2009 although some of it was censored but then we still can see brutal and blood-spattered. There’s no mercy by “The Punisher” even a small potate robber also have to be killed.

Rate 5/10 a bit not logic and doesn't look like a hero.


Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...

I like Andy's movie.. I find it quite interesting ^^

Oyah do you know there's a OngBak 3.. currently they are making it.. its a sequel to it.. :D

(I haven't watch yet.. )

Anonymous said...

Miao - Huh! Meaning he didn't die? OMG!