Mar 30, 2009

Rames & SmashpOp B’day

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Few weeks back I was invited by Jason and Rames for their birthday dinner at The Garden, Mid Valley.

The B’day celebration was held at Flying Chillies and ought to wear stripes as dress code.

Didn’t took much photos that day, credit to Jason for sharing me the photos.

These what I ordered;

Pineapple Seafood Fried Rice

and share tom yum together-gather.

After dinner we all……..


Then the B’day cake came in

You guys know lar bloggers love camera, love camwhore. Somemore almost all own a dSLR, feel like some celebs dine in with the flashlight flashing around the restaurant. XD

Before we leave we all have a group photo in front of Flying Chillies.

Nice can?

All photos were taken by Jason's @700 and the foods was taken with my Nikon D70s


EVo said...

Ahhhh my pose in d last pic! i knew i posed like this but i was looking high and low for the pic! ahaha...

i is not happening. i is kepo only :D

Anonymous said...

Evo - Nvm! U still look handsome =P