Mar 27, 2009

March Movies

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Marley & Me

This movie was free tickets by my gf’s company. The story is about heartwarming and unforgettable story of a family in the making and wondrously neurotic dog fallen in theirs’ life.

The ending was kinna sad, my gf cried like baby in the cinema, what to do? realities are cruel.

Rate 8/10

Dragon Ball Evolution

Won these 4 movies ticket passes from 988, if you have read my previous post Tallboyz On 988.

One word to describe the movie. Trying too hard to be like in the comic, had me giggle with some scenes.

If you really want to watch this movie. Be prepare yourself not to expect the movie is the same with the comic/cartoon.

Rate 5/10 (no spiky hair, where is the turtle shell?, when summons the dragon how come the sky didn't change to dawn? and a lot more question)

Sex Drive

Hmmmm the title of this movie is abit too...... you think lar.

Didn't watch this in cinema, feel kinna stupid this watch with censor this censor that and had the movie from 2 hours become 45 minutes. Okok! I'm over exaggerated.

The movie is about a young boy drive his fury brother's GTO travelled half of the state to lost his virgin and alot funny parts happened.

Rate 7.5/10 (remember to watch the unrated one, k?)

Race to Witch Mountain

Heard this movie was a remake of a movie back in 1975, Escape to Witch Mountain.

This sci-fi movie is about 2 aliens human alike landed to earth with a mission to save the earth and it was bunged by the country security goverment. Then Dwayne Johnson of better known as The Rock in WWF helped the aliens in adventure and saved the day.

Rate 7/10

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i just manage to watch dragon ball, the rest not yet :(

Anonymous said...

iCalvyn - FF4 is next =)