Mar 3, 2009

Tallboyz On 988

Posted by Anonymous |

Woots! I'm on radio again.

If not mistaken this is the 5th time I won movie tickets from radio station. Damn proud giler added hidung kembang. XD

I used to listen to 988 during the time I head back home (K6 segment), and then I heard there are movie passes to win to watch Dragon Ball Evolution. So I tried out my luck and so lucky I got thru and won 4 movie passes. Woots!

Yeah, the Dragon Ball that was origin from a Japanese comic and now played with some ah moh actor that has no spiky hair. I guess Gatsby has pulled off their sponsor on this movie. lolz.

Do love to watch the animated of this movie, dun know this movie nice or not ler? Curious…

so any of you heard my sexy voice me on Radio yesterday?


Liang Mui said...

u again tat rampas the line from me. apalar~~

Ivy said...

woots.4 dragon ball movie tickets!
cool mannnn.;D

Hon Mun said...

bro! what's the phone number? i want to try my luck.. ahha

adrian said...

ohhh 988 kaki also...
cool to get free ticket.

Anonymous said...

Liang Mui - huh, you was also trying to call in? Hehe

Ivy - Yeah! Damn cool!

Hon Mun - er... u listen to radio to know the call in time.

adrian - Yeah! 988 kaki at evening, morning MyFM. =)