Aug 2, 2010

Everyone Now Can Own A Lancer

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There are a lot of Mitsubishi Lancer die hard fans out there that can't afford to own one but ended up with Proton Waja.

Modification done to extreme on their's car so it can look "alike" below;

Look nice right covered with all easily cracked fibers?

It's called Wajalution.

Today, Paultan have published some leaked photos of "Waja Lancer" to be launched soon by a reader of

It's a quite obvious outlook front and rear that ported from the current Mitsubishi Lancer X.

even the rear light and boot are the same.

Below are the photos that rendered by the famous Automotive Manipulator, Theophilus Chin  based on the leaked photos of the Waja Lancer.

The affected parties after released it would be the Mitsubishi Sales Team and Customized Body Kit Shop.

Here the million dollars ringgit questions;
What price would you be expected?
What engine would be planted underhood? Campro? CPS?

I guess now everyone can own a sport look only car with affordable price soon. The owner of Mitsubishi Lancer must hate Proton very much now. Hahhah!


JEFFERY said...

haha. its the new proton waja... its directly rebadged lancer... now everyone can evo with proton... XD

clive said...

Woaaa. Malsysia boleh~~~~

kent chan. said...

ahhahaha.. this is malaysia bro!! wajalution hahaha

Mr Blurster said...

wow... look impressive.. PROTON WALAN...

JaSoN LCE® said...

again... being a copycat... ==

Aidi-Safuan said...

hahaha... no need to modify anymore to have a lancer. :P

Anonymous said...

JEFFERY - Ya wor!

clive - Bolehland ma :P

kent chan - Wajalution lol!

Mr Blurster - Hahhah! Walan!

Jason - er.... proton got invest in Mitsubishi in Malaysia if I'm not wrong.

Aidi - Ya! Just change the badge lol!