Aug 20, 2010

Nokia Ovi Challenge

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Last week I've attended Nokia Ovi Challenge event organized by Nokia Malaysia.

Nokia Ovi Challenge is a treasure hunt game that used The Nokia Ovi Maps that come preloaded on most of the new Nokia GPS enabled phone.

The event took place at the most busiest and crowded city in Malaysia, the heart of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur.

A lot medias from Magazine to Newspaper and bloggers are invited for this event. The challenge started at Dome, Bangsar. We are grouped in 7 teams and each team would have a car and a driver to send us to the pit stop for all of the challenges.

I'm in Team 1 with Nigel Sia & Asrial Baker.

1st pit stop is to get our way to Berjaya Times Square with the help of Ovi Maps Navigation on a Nokia N97 mini.

Once we reached to BTS, we need to find Foot Master Fish Spa for our 1st challenge.

2 Team members need to have a 15 min fish spa on the same time 1 of the team member need to download a game called That Roach from Ovi Store and the other need to play the game.

So I downloads the game and Nigel get to play.

Look at the stress face of Nigel. Hey! Don't press so hard and break the screen k?

Something magic happened while Nigel playing the game, I saw a live cockroach swimming on the water and I said "WTF! Nigel, the cockroach u smacked inside the game dropped out ler' lol!

It still swimming around the aquarium eh.

The next challenge is use the Ovi Maps navigate to Pavilion.

The 2nd challenge is to find a restaurant name Serai Satay Bar with help of "HungryGoWhere" which a feature available in Ovi Map. Then we need to buy RM10 of satay.

Next share the location with Ovi Maps via Facebook and tagged a group photo of our team. We also must finish off all the satay before we can get our next clue.

The 3rd pit stop is KLCC and this time we have to walk with the help of Ovi Maps Walk Guidance to the destination.

The 3rd challenge involved an upcoming Nokia device Nokia N8 that will be used to create a video of a fashion runway at Giordano.

We are given RM200 to spend to dress up a member to be the model of the video and that is ME! lol! I got myself a short, I LOVE Kuala Lumpur Tee and a hoody.

We shoot the video using Nokia N8 with HD capability and as well editing which are made easy in this device. The video quality is superb, after all it's High Definition.

Guess what? In this challenge I can keep the clothes that I've bought from Giordano although I prefer to keep the Nokia N8. lol! Thanks Nokia Malaysia and as well my team member :)

The final pit stop is at Neo Restaurant & Luxe Lounge.

Sad! we are the 3rd team to reach, thanks to the long route that directed us a big round before reached to the destination now blaming the GPS. XD.

Lunch are served at Neo Restaurant. They also plays the videos that we took on Giordano Challenge. Thanks to the availability of HDMI on the Nokia N8, the video output direct is super clear and can see my FUGLY face on the big screen.

The winner of the team won themselves a Nokia X6 and a Nokia Bluetooth. So nice can?

The 1st runner up won themselves Nokia 6700 Slide each. That's sweet.

Although we didn't win anything but it's fun and a great experience. Run crazily around the busy city like nobody's business. Great partners with Nigel & Asrial.

A group photos before head back to Bangsar.

Thanks again to Nokia Malaysia to have a such great and fun event for all of us. Congraz to all the winners!

Photos credit to NigelSia & Nokia Malaysia.


Dylan Phuah said...

wow! i love these kinds of events!!

Anonymous said...

Dylan - It was a fun event :)