Aug 15, 2010

Lan Pet Pet

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A short blogpost for 2day.

Just now at Pavilion I've spotted a quite weird artist name on a local movie poster.

Check out the cast's name! The one on the center, top of Azlee Jaafar.

I'm not sure any of you heard of him? Yeah! Probably some of you might have, but seriously I didn't know really got such name some more he is a local artist.

What so funny with the name Lan Pet Pet? The word "Pet Pet" in cantonese is actually mean women's private part and the "Lan" mean spoil/damaged. So the combined words become....... I guess you can build the word yourself lol!.

I didn't make this out, the name really exist. Check out the photo below.

If you still don't believe, you can ask Mr. Google and type Lan Pet Pet on the search engine.

Now the question is;

Does his father hate him very much till he wanted his name to be laughed in his entire life?


He has a good chinese friend that make fun of him telling him that he should get a chinese name and the name of Lan Pet Pet mean I'm Very Hensem. lol!

What else you can think of? Share with me :)

p/s just a curiosity of his nick and not trying to create any bad reputation of him.


HenRy LeE ® said...

well basically i have know lan pet pet since year before 2000 and he was a famous member in senario. Well, his real nick-name was Mazlan Pet Pet and later he found that the name was too long so he changed it to Lan Pet Pet. Why he chose Pet Pet, because he has a great talent of doing 'pet-pet' sound just like a trumpet with his mouth... anyway, the name is just hilarious among chinese ppl but yet now he is the top famous comedian after saiful apek! :)

foongpc said...

I have heard of this name before - yes he's quite famous! I guess he does not know what the name means in Chinese! : )

Normie said...

yeah im agree with henry lee .
u shudnt play2 with other ppl's name la next time. kinda hillarious but it not nice ;)

Anonymous said...

Henry - Oh! Now I know! Thanks for the info :)

foongpc - Yeah! I know his face from Senario.

Normie - Just curious about his name only. Now everyone know his real name and nick. :)