Aug 5, 2010

MTV World Stage 2010 Live in Malaysia + Videos

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Yeah! A quite late blogpost bout the MTV World Stage that happened last Saturday. Thank you to BlupBlup for the ticket, it great to be Blupper (is tat the right name? lol!)

Reached there quite late as the tix need to be collected b4 1pm, thanks to brother TianChad for collecting for me.

Yeah! I'm ready for Party!!!!!

Look at the crowds, the super long queue. The Q was from the entrance till the highway there, no kidding eh. The traffic is worst than Federal Highway + LDP, 10 min only move quarter step, lol!

Everything get more worst when the weather turned dark and it started to rain when we "ALMOST" approached the entrance. I'm semi wet please don't think senget k? before I actually got myself a poncho.

BTW their's poncho is very nice one, got tie and pass printed on it. I should have take an extra =P Cheapskate!

FYI, this event professional camera such as D-SLR are prohibited so I only can use my phone camera to take picha. Sorry for the poor quality photos.

Got our spot quite near to the stage and cam-ho-ed with the Jason & Rames.

Everyone was damn high when BunkFace shown up and the music started to rock on the stage.

A great starter of the event with BunkFace, the spotlight colours damn nice kan?

The next performance was WonderGirls, yeah is WonderGirls that came all the way from Hon Kok/Korea. They are super hot and sexy.

Due to rain, there are some technical problem occurs behind the stage, something about the LED behind the stage. Due to this reason, they have delayed the performance of Tokio Hotel and Katy Perry.

A quite upset for the delay and the annoyed repeat ads on the big LED screen. After 5~6 hours standing with soaked wet shoe, felt my feet going to rotted. I couldn't take it anymore and have leave early, missed the Tokia Hotel & Katy Perry's performance, heard it was a great show. Damn!

Sigh, lesson learned no sport shoe if attending open air concerts.

Share with you guys 2 videos that I took;

The crowds at MTV World Stage.

Wondergirls singing Nobody Nobody but chu. Pray it's not going to be removed that soon. Enjoy!


Thristhan said...

Wow, so cool. Really sad I wasn't able to make it. Katy perry is gorgeous, right?

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

AH, u also leave early ah? We too! Coz it feels so stupid waiting in the rain and the toes are so soaked!

No wonder i bumped into Rames & pOp in the mall. =)

uLi.佑莉 said...

Happening la weiiii.... ^^

Anonymous said...

Thristhan - I missed that :(

Nicole - Ya wor! Be tahan already :P

Uli - Hahahah! Ya!

Anonymous said...