Dec 5, 2010

Lelio Popo - KK & Luke 988

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Finally manage to catch the wacky duo DJ, KK & Luke from 988 Chinese Radio Station.

Has been a big fans of these 2 DJ, better to known as K6 in previous segment. They have comes out with alot funny shit jokes during and brought up alot laughter during after office time where I spent the most time in the JAM car.

I've even won a lot prizes from them as well.

They have comes out with an album with quite nice "K6 Easy", Comics and this time a Comedy Movie.

This Lelio Popo movie is about Lu Ye Chang (Luke) & Jiang Man Da (KK) are the popular and famous raios deejays in a giant FM Radio station. Because of their bad attitude and work etiquettes they has been fired by their boss and shunned off by all other major FM Radio station.

They have been out of job for several months and decided to attend a public audition for radio deejays that need old ladies. That made them no choice to imitate as old grannies.

The jokes in this movie cracked me up and surprised with some slangs they made it up as it's a vulgar word.

Rate 8.5/10 It's a must to watch if you like stupid jokes and as pathetic like me. :P

Check out Leilo Popo - Movie Trailer.

I like their theme song and it's very nice so sing alot Anyone got the mp3 files? Can share to me? XD


benooi said...

Na gou lou, I have the Mp3 haha

Anonymous said...

Woots! Thanks for the link man! Gonna make it as my phone ringtone now.