Dec 21, 2010

NTV7 Star Live Concert 2010

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Last Saturday I went to NTV7 Star Live Concert 2010 that held at Stadium Bukit Jalil Car Park A.

Who was there? Check it out below I dun know how to read mandarin actually :P

Do you know Chinese concert is very punctual? I reached there at 8.30pm and the event started right on 8.30pm, almost missed the 1st performance by Landy aka Wen Lan from Taiwan.

Sorry for the long distance photo as I only brought 17-50mm focal lens. I need tele lens badly now :(

Will Ng

Will Ng crossover with Wu Jia Hui if I'm not mistaken

Peter Ho the hulk of the day, alot gal actually screaming for him! To be honest, his song so so only but true it's indeed good looking. lol!

Thomas Jack

MC Jin from Hong Kong was also performed that night with great canto. raps and it's very spontaneously.

Chan Kun Yan, seriously I've never heard of him before beside seeing him act in Bruce Lee, My Brother and I was surprised by his voice. It's very good!

BTW he got a very big smile *it's his money making mock face* lol!

Della aka Din Dang sang 3 songs and there was fake snow dropped on the stage.

She was quite emotion while singing till she cried.

The last and the most everyone waited performer, JJ Lin came on stage revealed his gonna get attached very soon. All of his female fans gonna be very sad. lol!

Wrapped with a BOKEH picture of the stage.


Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Is star live Concert, not Contest ar~ ;p

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Blurred liao, guessed too tired so typo :P

miss nina said...

the last picture is awesome :)