Dec 25, 2010

Siao Secret Santa 2010

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On Christmas eve I was tagged along on "Siao Secret Santa" dinner at Vin's Restaurant & Bar, TTDI.

Everyone are Santa as we are required to buy a present for the assigned person and they won't know who are his/her secret santa.

Let's started with food photos. I ordered Mediterranean Pasta, served with squids & prawns. A bit spicy but tasty.

YY ordered the X'mas set, the beef taste good with special sauce that pour on it.

As usual we all take picha here and there.

I'm yet ready in this photo k? I should have look cheerful one de! lol! (photo credit: smashpOp)

Gathered all our presents on the table.

Notice the small red colour boxes? Adrian (bearbrick fansee) bought each of us a bearbrick and it's very unique.

Everyone has 1, can guess which one is mine? Quite matched with the new owner tho. lol!

Present exchange & Secret Santa revealed!

Jacklyn are Adrian's Secret Santa

I'm YY's Secret Santa not that secret actually, she know and she picked her own present tho XD (photo credit: smashpOp)

My Secret Santa was Carmen, she bought me a new T-Shirt from TopShop. I damn LIKE it! Thank you Carmen.

Dun get wrong Rames are not giving Jen iPhone 4, it's actually a big pack of dog food to Jen. And dun get wrong again, the dog foods is not for Jen to eat, it's for Jen's Shepard, Roxy. lol!

Those who got new clothes get changed right away.

Once 12am striked, we all shouted yum seng cheer with Red Wine and everyone was yelling Merry Christmas. Hahaha!

There was even an iPhone games session, too many iPhone users here including my XD

The night wrapped up with a super nice group photo.

(photo credit: smashpOp)

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uLi.佑莉 said...

Great party! :)

adrian said...

I'm sure you like the Be@rbrick. ^^