Dec 27, 2010

One Heart Charity

Posted by Joshua |

Last Sunday was a memorable day for me and my friends as we visited an orphanage and also an old folks home to help them out in a charity fund event that organised by Jenifer: Charity Drive: One Heart

In this charity drive, we have manage to collect about RM5k and all the money was spent on groceries for their daily use, house maintenance & much more. Beside that, clothes was also donated to the kids & senior citizens.

We all gathered at Jalan Ipoh before we head to the 1st destination, Sinthamani Divine Life Ashram which located at Jinjang Utara.

There are about 3X children live under the same roof.

Once we reached there, we were welcome with big smile & morning greet from the children.

Stuffs that was donated.

In collaboration of Christmas, some small presents was wrapped up for the children. Present unwrapping are always the most happiest thing to have by children.

We mingled around and had few games with the kids

The smiles & laughter cheered up the day for the children and as well for us. The joys of unwrapping present & shared with each others melted our heart.

All the children looking after each others just like brothers and sisters made me proud of them.

A group photo with the children before we leave.

Hope all the kids doing well and god bless them.

Next in the afternoon we went to the 2nd destination, Persatuan Warga Emas, Klang.

There was about 30+ seniors citizen life in a house with limited access and resourses.

Chit chatted and listened to their stories had me feel sad and sorrow.

They praised how good & how success is their son/daughter but never blame/complain for sending them to here.

Chandler brought along his guitar entertain them by singing Christmas song and some dance along.

Took a group photo before we called it a day.

My heart is ache hearing and seeing the unfortunate peoples.

I'm glad that I can be apart in helping out, it's very meaningful for me to lead our my hands for the poor souls. The feeling is great to know we can also helped and not necessary to involved with money.

Bravo to Jenifer for the meaningful charity.

Thank you to Jason & Rames for the photos.