Sep 29, 2011

Taiwan Day 4 - Feng Chia Night Market

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After visited Sun Moon Lake, we head to Taichung where we a night. We stayed nearby to Feng Chia Night Market, famous commercial business districts as well a famous shopping paradise in Taichung.

It took about 2 hours to reach Feng Chia night market by car.

Check out our rooms in Taichung. The homestay is just opposite of Feng Chia University and called "Happy Times"

The room is quite spacious and cheap, it can fit about 4-5 people in one room. A night stay would only cost NT1500.

More info on the homestay click HERE!

After we have checked in, we all go out to have our dinner.

A proper dinner meal.

After that we all head to night market. FYI, Feng Chia is one of the biggest night market in Taiwan and it's the most recommended night market to visit.

We took a group photo before we split to 2 group, guys walk and gal shopping.

If you planning to buy sport shoe, you can consider to buy it here. Lot of variety of brand and model somemore it's tax free. You can get the latest and cheapest sport shoe.

There are a lot small food/snack stalls, you won't die of hunger here.

Spotted Malaysia Satay, wow! I'm so proud can?

Friend recommended me to try their bitter melon juice which are not bitter at all and taste very good. It's good to reduce body heat.

I was halted with an eye catching signboard. I rubbed my eye to make sure my brain didn't trick me. I spotted a BIG PENIS stall!!!  WTF!

Hahah! They are not providing sex service in public, they are just selling cakes that have the shape like a penis. lol! Taiwanese really bold!

Saw a long queue of people queuing up for big sausage wrap small sausage, they really like this tho. So do we, we ended up queuing as well :P

Yum yum!!

We really got queue ah, check the video below

We walked and shopped till all the shop closed but we have yet to visited all. Seriously, do recommend to stay 2 days here, 1 day really not enough.

The gals bought a lot stuff at this night market, each of them bought atleast 5-8 pair of shoes o.O"

I still want to shop but unfortunately they all are closing, I'm so unhappy so I slept on the street like no one business to protest. lol!


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Prasetyo - Thanks man!

Elaine said...
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Can I have the Feng Jia Home Stay email address??

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