Jan 3, 2012

GZOX Auto Detailing

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Chinese New Year is getting near, everyone is buy new clothes, so do my ride have to be cleans and hensem for the new year. Hehehe!

Last week I've sent my car for detailing at GZOX Auto Detailing at Sunway to polish and add a polymer coating.

GZOX is famous with premium glass coating can easily cost RM1.8k to RM5k depending on car size and condition. I'm very poor one so I got the cheapest fluorine coating only.

The process take about 3 hours to wash, clean, clay, polish and coating.

There is an air-cond waiting room at the top of the shop with WiFi, TV, Magazine, Computer and even a meeting room.

Hungry and thirsty? Ali Cafe is there for you. There's a glass view for customer to see how's their in progress.

Bird view of my "Siu Bak" ready for bath and spa :)

Masking all the plastic covers before polishing and apply coat.

The entire process is clean, detailed and professionally done. They even polish the side step and cleaned the petrol cover. You won't get this from those cheapo car polish that done under some trees.

Here's the outcome of it and I'm quite satisfy :)

Mugen = Infinity

This is the after effect of the coat on the 3rd day and now still beading :)


missyblurkit said...

looking good. its worth the whole works when we want our rides to look good:D

SiMon Har said...

shiny shiny!!! love their attentiveness to details!

Julie said...

mobile home movers

Anonymous said...

missyblurkit - Yeah! I love my ride to be clean :)

Simon - Yes and it's expensive :(

Merryn said...

ur siu bak so lucky! mine.. ordinary wash oso tak dapat.. only once in a blue moon the rain wash (which makes it even worst!)

FiSh said...

nice eh :) a 3-hour service wouldnt be bad after all.

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buymatrix said...

how much?

Jean Lou said...

Thank you for posting this professional detailing tips..

Bhupendra Kr. said...

For all of us who put great concern on the cleanliness and shine of our cars we drive on daily basis would agree that only the best car care products will touch our cars.And GZOX is a great option to avail their service.