Jan 1, 2012

We Bought A Zoo | Hell's Gate/11-11-11

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Had my last movie of 2011, watched "We Bought A Zoo" on 31st Jan 2011.

This is a heartwarming and delightful family film. This movie took place in Southern California, a father moves his family to the countryside after her wife death so he can forget and move on with a new life. In finding a new house, he has actually bought a Zoo. He met new friends and renovate and re-open a struggling zoo that closed down 2 years back.

Rate 8.5/10 It's a great movie, touched my heart. Oh ya! Forgot to mention, this movie is based on a true story and true story is always great!

Check out the movie trailer below;

Just watched my 1st movie of 2012 and it's a horror movie. The movie is called "Hell's Gate" in Malaysia but others country is known as 11-11-11.

It started the death of his wife and child of a famous author who has always witnessed the 11:11 number in his life. He was then travels to Barcelona to see his estranged brother and soon dying father where he learnt that his life is plagued by events that occur on 11/11/11.

Rate 6/10 It's a quite hard-to-digest movie tho. The so called demons are not-horror and the matching puzzles of the story is quite ok!

Movie trailer below;

How many movies have you watched in cinema?

In 2009 I've watched  71 movies in cinema and in 2010 I've watched 69 movies. Wonder what's my record for 2011? Will blogpost it next :)


Eesti said...

This movie was surprisingly good as compared to the preconceived notion I had prior to watching it, and it is a movie the entire family can enjoy.
Matt Damon delivers as a father struggling with raising two children by himself, Scarlett Johansson actually does a good bit of acting in this one vs. just looking good for the camera (which she does with no problem), and the two children might be our next generation of child stars. I thought the first 15 minutes or so of the movie started off slow, but the opening scenes are necessary to set the stage for the remainder of the story and it all comes together. If you're looking for a good movie the entire family can sit around and enjoy, you might give this one a shot.